How Long Does Kiwi Last?

Kiwi is a fruit that’s popular due to the high amount of nutrition they have. Also, kiwifruit can be eaten raw or used for making delicious desserts and smoothies. Therefore, many people will buy a lot of kiwis to keep on hand. Since these fruits seem to go bad quickly, most people will wonder how long does kiwi last?

So how long does kiwi last? Unriped kiwi left at room temperature will last about a week, while riped kiwi will last a couple of days. In the fridge, unripened kiwi will last a couple of weeks, while riped kiwi will last about 4 weeks. If stored in the freezer, riped kiwi will last up to a year.  

Kiwi Shelf Life

Room TemperatureRefrigeratorFreezer
Unripe kiwi last2 to 7 Days or until ripeNot RecommendedNot Recommended
Ripe kiwi last3 to 6 Days4 Weeks1 Year

How Long Does Kiwi Last

How long kiwi will last will depend on if it’s riped or unripened. This can be a difference of a couple of days to a week.

For the unripe kiwi, it can last up to a week at room temperature or in the pantry. Leaving them at room temperature, they will start to ripen. The air temperature will dictate how fast or how slow they will ripen. The hotter it is, the faster they will ripe.

In addition to the above, how long they have been stored at the supermarket will determine how long they last as well. Sometimes, the kiwi could be harvested and it may take a couple of days to reach the store. By that time, it may have already started to ripen.

Therefore, the time you buy them and take them home, the kiwi may last only a couple of days.

For the ripe kiwi, at room temperature or the pantry, it will last between 3 to 6 days. Again, the warmer the air temperature is, the faster the ripening process will start. Therefore, you should try to consume kiwi within a couple of days after it’s ripe.

If you want to store ripe kiwi for a longer period of time, put them into the fridge. In the fridge, kiwi will last up to four weeks in the fridge. The cooler temperature prevents it from spoiling.

For overripen kiwifruit, putting them in the fridge will not help them last longer. The cooler temperatures may help slow down the decaying, but the flesh of the kiwi has already been damaged.

Therefore, for overripen kiwi, it’s best to consume it as soon as possible.

kiwi fruit

How To Store Kiwi

Kiwifruit itself usually will not last long once it’s harvested. Therefore it’s important to know how to store them properly so they will last as long as possible.

For the unripe kiwi, they should be stored at room temperature on the kitchen counter or in the pantry. In a couple of days or even just a day, it will start to ripe. This will all depend on how long it’s been stored at the grocery stores.

When storing unripe kiwi, you simply put them in a basket and leave them to ripe. If you want them to ripen quickly, leave them on the countertop.
Otherwise, leave them in the pantry and they will ripen slowly.

In addition to leaving them at room temperature to speed up the riping process, you can place ethylene-producing fruit next to the kiwis. Fruits like apple and banana will help ripen the kiwis much sooner than just leaving them at room temperature. It should ripen the kiwifruit a day or two quicker.

Beside at room temperature, you can store unripe kiwi in the fridge as well. Keeping them in the fridge will prolong their shelf life for several months. However, if you’re planning to eat them or use them, it’s best to store them at room temperature.

For riped kiwifruit, once it’s riped, the fruit will not last very long at room temperature. Therefore, they should always be stored in the fridge.

When keeping them in the fridge, it’s best to peel the skin and slice them into smaller pieces. Then put the kiwis in an airtight container or a resealable plastic bag.

Can You Freeze  Kiwi?

Kiwifruit freeze very well in the freezer so yes, you can freeze kiwi. However, when the kiwi thaw, they tend to become mushy. Therefore, frozen kiwi is great if you’re using them to make smoothies and other drinks. For eating or making food, it might not be so great due to the texture of it.

When freezing kiwi, you want to avoid freezing the whole kiwi. One reason, kiwi tend to take up a lot of space in the freezer, especially if you’re planning to store a lot of them. Second, the texture and taste will change when it’s frozen.

Instead, you want to use sliced kiwi when storing them in the freezer. Plus, make sure they are ripe first as well. Unripe kiwi will not taste very good when they thaw.

When storing them in the freezer, they should be either be stored in an airtight container or a freezer bag. Both are fine to use and will store the kiwi well. For airtight container, you’ll want to flash freeze them first. Doing so will prevent the kiwi from sticking to each other once it’s in the freezer.

If you’re using a freezer bag, again, make sure to flash freeze them first to avoid the kiwi from freezing together in one big chunk.

After placing the kiwi in the bag, squeeze out excess air in the bag before sealing it.

Can you freeze kiwi

How To Freeze Kiwi

Storing the kiwifruit is a great way to prolong their shelf life. In order for them to last for a very long time, you need to prepare them correctly first. Below are steps to prepping the kiwi for freezing:

  1. Make sure the kiwi s are ripe first. Once they have ripened to your preference, wash them with water first.
  2. Let it sit and dry for a couple of minutes on a dry paper towel or simply leave them in a basket to drip dry.
  3. Take a sharp knife and chop off the ends of the kiwifruit.
  4. Peel the skin off the kiwis and cut them in half or to any size you prefer.
  5. Grab a tray and line it with baking paper.
  6. Lay the kiwi slices on the baking paper evenly throughout.
  7. Place the tray of kiwis in the freezer for about half an hour.
  8. Once it’s frozen, transfer the kiwi to a resealable freezer bag immediately. This will prevent the kiwis from melting and sticking to each other once it’s in the freezer.

How To Tell If Kiwi Is Bad?

The kiwifruit is like any other fruit or vegetable when it goes bad. There will be a couple of signs to look out for. Some may be noticeable right away and others, you’ll need to inspect it more closely.

Below are some of the signs you should look for:

  • Dark Spots- Kiwi that’s bad or about to go bad will have dark spots on the skin and in the flesh. If the dark spots appear only on the skin, you can cut the bad area out and eat the rest. If there’s dark on the skin and the flesh as well, it’s best to just throw the entire fruit away.
  • Smell- The smell of good kiwi will be citrusy. If it smells acidic or a rotten smell, you should discard it right away. This will usually not happen unless the kiwifruit has been sitting at room temperature for weeks.
  • Texture- The texture of the fruit will require you to examine it closely. Grab a kiwifruit and gently squeeze it. If it feels really soft and mushy, or the juice from the kiwi starts to ooze, you should discard it.

Related Questions

Can you eat the middle of a kiwi?

Yes, you can eat the core in the middle of a kiwi. The core is edible, but there’s no flavor to it. Most people will just cut around the core.

How do you wash the skin of the kiwi?

Hold the kiwifruit under running water and use your palm or a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub the skin. This will remove the soft bristle from the skin of the kiwi.

What do kiwis taste like?

Kiwi has a tart-sour and sweet taste to it. It’s most similar to pineapple, but just a little sweeter.

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