Can You Reheat Egg Drop Soup?

Egg drop soup is a staple at most Asian restaurants. It is usually served as an appetizer before other meals. Besides restaurants, it’s also available in the supermarket in packets that you can make at home. The soup is packed with ingredients for a wholesome and healthy meal. If you had some leftovers for dinner, you may wonder if you can reheat egg drop soup.

Can you reheat egg drop soup? Yes, you can reheat egg drop soup, but you need to be careful though. Since it’s already cooked, you could overcook it easily. It’s best to reheat them on the stove at low medium heat until the soup is hot.

What Is Egg Drop Soup?

Egg drop soup is a dish that’s popular in Asian cuisine. The soup is very distinctive from other soups with both its texture and taste.

As for the texture, the soup has a rich and thick texture with eggs scattered throughout. The texture is due to the corn starch being used to give the soup a thick texture.

The flavors of the egg drop soup are from the many ingredients used. The main ingredient is chicken stock. From there, other ingredients such as garlic, ginger, pepper, and green onions are added. Optional are sesame seed oil and soy sauce, depending on how much saltier you want the soup to be.

An egg drop soup won’t be complete without the eggs. When the eggs are added it is important to prevent them from being undercooked or overcooked. If the eggs are added when the soup is not hot enough, it will become watery. On the other hand, if the soup is too hot or the eggs are left in the hot soup for too long, it will become rubbery.

The eggs need to be added when the soup is at the right temperature. This will give the eggs a creamy and fluffy texture.

Can You Freeze Egg Drop Soup?

No, it’s not recommended to freezing egg drop soup. Freezing will result in the eggs becoming rubbery and have an unpleasant taste.

Instead, you should freeze just the broth. After thawing and reheating the broth, you can add the eggs later.

How Long Does Egg Drop Soup Last in the Fridge?

Egg drop soup is to be enjoyed immediately after it’s cooked. If you are left with some leftovers, you can place them in the fridge.

Below are the steps to storing egg drop soup in the fridge:

1. Cool Down

Allow the egg drop soup to cool down to room temperature. If not, it will cause condensation in the container when it’s in the fridge. This will cause the egg drop soup to spoil.

2. Storage Container

Place the egg drop soup into an airtight container. This will prevent air from leaking into the container and destroying the soup.

Check the seal on the lid to make sure there are no leaks. If there are none, secure the lid to the container tightly.

3. Place In Fridge

Once the airtight container is sealed, place them into the fridge.

Properly stored, egg drop soup will last for 3 to 4 days in the refrigerator.

Safe Handling Egg Drop Soup

Proper handling is necessary when it comes to egg drop soups. Since the soup contains eggs, contamination of bacteria is likely when it’s not handled or stored properly.

If it’s leftover from the restaurant, you will want to store them in the fridge right away once you get home.

For egg drop soup that is homemade, store them in the fridge once it has cooled to room temperature.

Leaving the soup for too long at room temperature will cause bacterial growth. Bacteria thrive when the temperature is warm. Contamination of the soup will lead to food poisoning.

Only remove the egg drop soup from the fridge when you’re ready to reheat it. Any leftovers after reheating should be discarded.

Reheating Egg Drop Soup

Reheating egg drop soup is perfectly fine. It won’t change the texture and flavor.

However, reheating the soup requires time. If you reheat the soup too quickly, it will cause a change in texture and flavor due to being overcooked. The eggs in the soup will become rubbery.

The best and recommended method to reheating egg drop soup is on the stovetop. This will allow you to monitor the progress as the soup is reheated.

Keep the heat at medium-low and stir occasionally until hot. About 10-15 minutes, the soup should be hot enough and ready to be eaten.

Related Questions

Can you reheat vegetarian egg drop soup?

Yes, you can reheat vegetarian egg drop soup, but you have to be very careful. This type of egg drop soup will have a lot of tofu in it, instead of eggs. Reheating the soup at low heat on the stovetop, so it doesn’t boil. When it starts to get hot, remove the soup off the stove to stop it from cooking. Too much heat will cause the tofu to break apart.