Can You Freeze Dragon Fruit?

Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit that’s known for its tender texture and sweet flavor. This fruit is a seasonal fruit that only grows during the summer months. Those who enjoy eating dragon fruit will wonder if they can store them for later. Would freezing dragon fruit be an option for storage?

Can you freeze dragon fruit? Yes, you can freeze dragon fruit, and it freezes quite well. The only problem with freezing this fruit is that it will become mushy when thawed. Eating it fresh won’t be very enjoyable, but it will work great in smoothies and making sauces.

Does Dragon Fruit Freeze Well?

Due to their high moisture content, dragon fruit freeze very well. The only thing you should be concerned about is when it’s thawed. Once it’s thawed, the fruit will become very mushy. If you’re planning to eat it fresh, you may not enjoy it very much.

On the other hand, frozen dragon fruit is great for making sauces, smoothies, and other recipes that require blending.

How To Freeze Dragon Fruit

When it comes to freezing dragon fruit, it’s pretty much straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of time to prepare it.

Step 1: Preparation

Rinse the dragon fruit first. This will help remove any dirt, bugs, and debris from the fruit.

Step 2: Slicing

Dragon fruit will need to be sliced into smaller pieces before freezing. It’s not recommended to freeze the fruit as a whole.

The best way is to cut them into slices or cubes.

Cut the fruit in halves and then cut them into thirds. Peel the skin of the fruit. You can either cut them into cubes or freeze the slices.

Step 3: Flash Freezing

On a tray, lay a sheet of parchment paper on it. Then place the dragon fruit slice or cubes onto the tray. Keeping them spaced from touching each other.

Once the tray is filled with the fruit, place them into the freezer. Flash freeze the dragon fruit for about 2-3 hours or until it’s completely frozen.

By flash freezing the dragon fruit first, it will prevent them from sticking to each other when it’s frozen. This will make it easier for you to remove a couple of pieces that have to thaw the entire fruit.

Step 4: Storage Container

Once the dragon fruit is completely frozen, remove the tray from the freezer. Immediately, transfer the fruit to an airtight container or freezer bag.

If using an airtight container, make sure to not put too much in there. There should be enough room for the fruit to move around. Then check the seal on the lid to ensure there are no damages. Secure the lid to the container as tight as possible.

If using a freezer bag, leave a small gap at the top, so you can seal the bag. Squeeze the bag to remove any excess air before sealing the bag tightly.

Step 5: Label and Freezing

With a marker, write down the date of freezing on the airtight container or freezer. This will help ensure that you use the fruit before it starts to deteriorate in quality.

Then place the fruit into the freezer for storage.

How Long Can You Freeze Dragon Fruit?

You can freeze dragon fruit for up to 3 months. Due to their texture, this fruit won’t last longer than that. The longer it’s stored in the freezer, the more the quality of it will deteriorate.

However, the fruit will still be safe to eat, but you won’t enjoy eating it very much. For the best taste, you should try to consume them within 3 months.

How Do You Defrost Dragon Fruit?

When it comes to dragon fruit, there’s really no need to thaw them. You can simply use them directly from the freezer.

Dragon fruit has a very soft texture and when it’s thawed, it will become mushy. This means you can’t eat them fresh as they won’t taste good.

Instead, dragon fruit should be used to make smoothies or recipes that require blending.

Using Dragon Fruit After Freezing

For this fruit, you won’t be able to eat them fresh after it’s frozen. More than likely, it will be soggy.

Instead, frozen dragon fruit is best to use in recipes that require blending. You make tasty nutritious smoothies using this fruit. Simply remove the dragon fruit from the freezer and place them directly into the blender with other ingredients.

Another way is to use them in soups and stews. It will give it a more sweet taste and make the consistency of the soup thicker.

The last thing you can do with frozen dragon fruit is using them to make sauces. With their sweet taste, you can make all kinds of sauces with it.

Can You Refreeze Dragon Fruit?

You should not refreeze dragon fruit. Freezing and thawing the fruit multiple times will cause the texture and taste to change greatly. After it’s thawed for the second time, the texture will become very mushy, and it will taste bland.

Can Frozen Dragon Fruit Go Bad?

Yes, dragon fruit can go bad if it’s stored in the freezer for a prolonged period of time, or it’s left to thaw for too long.

Dragon fruit will usually retain its freshness for up to 3 months. After that, the quality of it will slowly diminish. The longer it’s stored in the freezer, the less flavor it will have and the more the texture will become damage.

After about 6 months, when you thaw the fruit, you’ll notice that the texture is dry, and it will taste bland.

Another way frozen dragon fruit goes bad is by leaving them to thaw for too long. After about 3 hours in the fridge, the fruit will be completely thawed. It can stay in the fridge for another day, but after that, dragon fruit will no longer be able to be eaten. Most likely it will become very watery.

Other Questions about Dragon Fruit

Can you eat dragon fruit raw?

Most people enjoy eating dragon fruit. But this tropical fruit can be cooked as well. It’s usually mixed in soups to give it more flavors, or it can be grilled with the use of skewers.