How Long Does Pear Last?

Pears are used in many different recipes, ranging from salads and omelets to pies and tarts. Most people enjoy them as a dessert or a side dish due to their flavor and texture.

Like most other fruits, pears are perishable items and tend to go bad. For that reason,  you may wonder how long pears last before you have to throw them away.

How Long Does Pear Last?

Pears can last for about 1 -2 weeks depending on where it’s stored.

The best way to keep pears fresh for as long as possible is by keeping them in the fridge. The cooler temperature will slow down the ripening process.

Pears can stay fresh for about 5 days in the fridge if you keep them properly and in an airtight container with a lid that seals well.

If you’re planning to freeze pears, it can last for up to 6 months.

Do Pears Go Bad?

Like any other fruit, pears do go bad. There are two factors that can cause the fruit to go bad.  The first one is that pears will continue to ripen until they go bad.

The second factor is due to improper storage. If it’s left at room temperature or in direct sunlight, the heat will cause the fruit to rot.

How To Tell When Pears Are Bad?

Pears have a unique and alluring smell that attracts most people, but there are signs to know when something is spoiled.

Here are some of the common signs to help you identify spoiled pears.

The first sign is when the pear starts to mold or turn into something else. This is because the moisture content in the pear has increased, which causes the fruit to rot quickly.

The second sign of spoiled pears is when they emit a bad smell that smells like rotten meat or nail polish remover. This indicates that there might be an issue with your pear’s seeds and it could be dangerous for your health if consumed.

The third sign of spoiled pears is if they start to sprout tiny black dots on them, which indicates that they have been sprayed with a pesticide or fungicide.

How To Store Pears

Storing them in a cool and dark place will maintain their firmness. The best method for storing them is wrapping the pears individually in tinfoil and putting the fruit inside a brown paper bag to avoid bruising.

Another option for storage is in the fridge. Pears can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days, but they quickly turn brown and begin to smell. This is because they contain phenolic compounds called polyphenols, which are the molecules responsible for the pear’s appealing taste and smell.

Can You Freeze Pear?

Yes, you can freeze pear and they freeze quite well. In order to keep them fresh, you should cut them into smaller pieces.

Avoid freezing the entire fruit as it could cause them to become soggy when it thaws.

5 Tips To Keep Pears Fresh Longer

Pears are perishable food and don’t last very long once it’s picked. To keep them fresh longer there are different things that you can do

Below are 5 tips to keep your pears fresh longer:

1. Wrap the pear up in a paper towel and put it into a zip-lock bag.

2. Place in the refrigerator overnight.

3. Remove from fridge once.

4. Avoid keeping them on a wet surface.

5. Pears should be stored in a cool, dark, dry place and away from sunlight.

Related Questions

Can you eat expired pears?

You cannot eat expired pears. They might taste like a normal pear, but they will make you sick.

It is recommended to not eat expired pears as they may contain toxins that could cause serious health problems.

Are brown pears safe to eat?

When the pear is cut, it will turn brown. This is because the enzymes phenolase and phenols in the pear’s tissue react with oxygen when it’s exposed to air. When it does, the tissue is oxidized which results in the pear turning brown.

Therefore, brown pears are safe to eat, but they will not taste very good.