Does Sesame Oil Go Bad?

Sesame oil is a staple in Asian cooking. It is also used in many other types of food such as salad dressings, sauces, and marinades. It is made from toasted sesame seeds combined with various spices and herbs.

Does Sesame Oil Go Bad?

Sesame oil has a high risk of spoilage if it is damaged or exposed to heat during storage. This is because the enzymes found in it are sensitive and easily broken down by heat and light.

If you have sesame oil in your pantry and you notice any of these bad signs, discard the food as soon as possible before it gets ruined due to spoilage.

How Long Does Sesame Oil Last?

How long sesame oil will last will depend on where it’s stored and if it has been opened yet.

Sesame oil that has not been opened, will last for 1-2 years at room temperature. If you keep them stored in the refrigerator, sesame oil will last for 2-3 years.

Once the package has been opened, at room temperature, sesame oil will last for 6-8 months. In the fridge, you can expect them to stay fresh for up to 2 years.

Like other oil, the bottle of sesame oil will come with a best-by date. It’s generally a good idea to use them before the date for best quality.

How to Store Sesame Oil

With sesame oil, you can store them at room temperature, in the fridge, or in the freezer.

If the sesame oil has not been opened yet, the best place to store them is in the pantry. You can also store them in the fridge, but it won’t make much difference.

Once the sesame oil has been opened, you will need to transfer them to an airtight container. Doing so will prevent the oil from oxidation.

You can store opened sesame oil at room temperature if you’re going to use it within 6 months.

Otherwise, store them in the fridge and make sure it’s kept sealed tight.

The last option for storage is in the freezer. While you can freeze sesame oil, it isn’t recommended. Once the oil is frozen, it will become thick. As a result, you won’t be able to use them right away and will need to thaw them for a couple of hours before using them.

How to Tell If Sesame Oil Is Bad?

Whether you are a Chinese restaurant or a home cook, you should always be conscious of the way Sesame oil is being stored. There are certain signs that indicate that the oil has spoiled and it is not safe to use.

Sesame oil can quickly turn rancid if it’s not properly maintained in the pantry. It becomes cloudy and smells like ammonia while turning dark brown. Some of the other signs include:

– When opened, it emits an aroma similar to vinegar.

– When cooled down, it becomes thicker than normal.

– If kept for long periods of time, it loses its fresh smell and starts smelling like old oils.

– If you’re using a plastic bottle to store the oil, it might cause off odors.

5 Tips To Keep Sesame Oil Fresh Longer

Sesame oil is a very perishable spice with a shelf life of about one year. But if you store it properly, it can last for up to two years.

Below are some tips for you on how to keep your sesame oil fresh for longer:

1. Store in an airtight jar that allows the oil to breathe.

2. Keep away from sunlight.

3.  Store at room temperature if the bottle is unopened.

4. Using high-quality oils with low moisture content.

5. Keep away from other food items that may have strong flavors like garlic, onion, fish sauce, or soy sauce.

Related Questions

Can rancid sesame oil make you sick?

When sesame oil starts to become rancid, it will become oxidized. The oxidation will create a bad smell and a change in color.

Consuming rancid sesame oil will not make you sick right away, but consuming it over time could cause a negative effect on your health.