Do Dried Figs Go Bad? Tips To Keep Them Fresh Longer

Dried figs are universal snack food. You can find them in the most unexpected places – in salads, oatmeal, pastries, pies, and of course on their own. They provide a nice crunchy texture and taste with a subtle sweetness.

Do Dried Figs Go Bad?

The dried figs do go bad, which is caused by a number of factors. They are often hard to determine as they can be caused by high or low temperatures and/or high or low humidity in your kitchen.

Below are some of the factors which can cause dried figs to go bad:

Excessive moisture in the air. When the package is not sealed properly, the figs will be exposed to the air. Excessive moisture in the air will cause water to form in the package, which will eventually cause the figs to go bad.

Too much air in the packaging. Sometimes, if the dried figs are not packaged properly, there will be excessive air in the packaging. The air will cause the figs to spoil quickly.

The lid is not on tightly. If you’re storing dried figs in an airtight container, make sure the lid is on tight. If not, air and moisture will leak in and cause the figs to go bad.

How Long Does Dried Figs Last?

How long dried figs last will depend largely on how it’s stored.

At room temperature, dried figs will last for about 6-12 months. If the package of dried figs is opened, keep them stored in an airtight container.

In the fridge, whether the dried figs package is opened or unopened, it will last for 6-12 months.

For longer shelf life, store them in the freezer. Dried figs will last for about 12-18 months in the freezer.

How to Store Dried Figs

When it comes to storing dried figs, you can either store them at room temperature or in the fridge.

The first method is to leave the dried figs in their original container and then seal the lid tightly with tape or sealant so that air cannot get into them. This method is usually preferred when storing different types of fruit together since it prevents the fruits from rubbing against each other and getting spoiled.

It’s best to store dried figs in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or heat. This will ensure that the fruit lasts for a long time.

The second method is to store them in the refrigerator. Wrap the figs with a piece of parchment paper or wax paper. Then place them into an airtight container or resealable plastic bag.

How to Tell If Dried Figs Are Bad?

Dried figs are a type of food product that can spoil quickly, so it is important to learn how to tell if dried figs are bad. By knowing these signs, you will avoid some major problems.

There are certain signs that indicate a dried fig is bad and spoiled. Here are some of the signs:

  • Figs turn dark or black
  • If the surface of the fig appears sticky, it might be because there was moisture inside and now there is none in the air
  • If it has a sour smell, it might have been fermenting in a container with too much moisture or has bits of mold on its surface

Why Did My Dried Figs Go Stale?

There are many reasons why dried figs may go stale. Some of the common causes include:

  • The figs were not stored properly
  • The figs were exposed to air
  • The figs were not fully dried out
  • The figs were exposed to too much heat

How To Keep Dried Figs Fresh Longer

Dried figs are those dried fruits that you can get from the market or buy online. They have a long shelf life, but they still need some special care to make them stay fresh for days and weeks.

As a result of the low moisture content in dried figs, they are prone to cracking when exposed to air.

In order to keep them lasting longer, it is important to store them away in an airtight container with a desiccant like silica gel or dry sugar.

Another way is drying your figs yourself to preserve their flavor and prevent mold and mildew.

Lastly, you should never put dried figs in the fridge because they will start to rot quickly.

Related Questions

Can bad dried figs make you sick?

Bad figs are not usually the cause of illness; it is usually when it’s contaminated with harmful bacteria and mold.

When dried figs are not stored properly, mold and bacteria may start to grow on the fruit. Bacteria thrive well in a hot and humid environment and dried figs can easily go bad due to that.