Can You Freeze Pretzels?

Pretzels are one of the foods that remind you of home. When you grow up, you must have been a crazy fan of pretzels. It is a delicious and easy quick snack to make for an everyday tea treat.

Usually, when you make pretzels, you do not limit it to 5-6 pieces. You make a lot of them! So, have you ever wondered thinking how to store the remaining pretzels after the tea party?

In this article, I will explain to you the process of freezing pretzels from start to finish. Keep reading to get to know the best tricks and tips for freezing your favorite snack.

Can You Freeze Pretzels?

Yes, you can freeze pretzels. If for some reason you cannot finish the whole batch of pretzels within a day, the only option is to store them for later consumption. As you already know, freezing is one of the best options to preserve pretzels. You can freeze them for up to one month.

The Process of Freezing Pretzels

You can keep pretzels for a long period even without freezing but if you prefer chilled pretzels and are worried about them too much, you can simply put those in a freezer. Doubtlessly, freezing extends the overall shelf life of the pretzels.

However, freezing is not necessary to storage pretzels. It is an option that you can follow to save them for more than a month.

Still, if you prefer to freeze, here are the easy steps to follow.

The first piece of advice is to use freezer bags or a container that you can layer with wax paper. It is always good to separate pretzels into small portions. If you wonder why it prevents them from sticking together in the freezer. In addition to that, it helps you to grab a smaller person whenever needed in the future. Unpacking the whole bag to get a small portion is a disaster. This method helps to reduce that stress.

After portioning into smaller pieces, wrap them in a layer of wax paper separately. Continue wrapping all the pieces of pretzels.

Once you are done with wrapping, store them in an airtight container or a freezer bag. Do not forget to label the date it was packed. It makes your life easier. You can decide at any time just by looking at the packet when to consume it.

You can keep the pretzels in the freezer for one month. But the good news is sometimes the food quality remains even up to 06 months. Anyway, it is best to consume within or less than 06 months.

How Long Do Pretzels Last in the Freezer?

Like I mentioned earlier, properly stored pretzels will generally stay at the best quality for about 6 months. The quality, taste, and appearance will same during that period. You do not have to worry about anything for 06 months.

However, depending on your packing skills, the food quality may remain or destroy. If your container is not air-tight, that is a bad sign of your food getting inedible. Therefore, make sure you follow the freezing steps thoroughly to retain the quality of the pretzels even after freezing.

Using Pretzels after Freezing

Generally, a lot of food needs to thaw after freezing, but it is not necessary for pretzels. If you like to have a chilled piece of pretzels, you can just go for it right after taking the container out of the freezer.

If you do not want to hurt your teeth by eating frozen pretzels, you might need to let them thaw. Here is how you thaw pretzels after freezing.

  • First, get the pretzel container out of the freezer and leave it unopened.
  • Still, you are not allowed to remove the wrappings. Let pretzels thaw while remaining wrapped.
  • Leave the pretzels until they reach room temperature. It might take some time but keep waiting.
  • Finally, unwrap and enjoy the taste of your favorite snack.
  • As an additional step, you can bake them at 450F for like 5 minutes.

Can You Refreeze Pretzels?

Yes, you can refreeze pretzels, and they will still retain their texture and taste. It can be stored for another couple of weeks. But make sure you follow our steps correctly. No cheating!

Factors to Know About Freezing Pretzels

You must have been thinking about what else you should know about freezing pretzels. Here is some more information that you would be glad to know. First, let me explain to you the advantages of freezing pretzels.

What are the Pros of Freezing Pretzels?

  • If you prefer chilled food, you must definitely try frozen pretzels. They are quite tasty when chilled.
  • Freezing helps to extend overall shelf life.
  • You can preserve your food for a long period. Exactly a good option during the pandemic.
  • No preservatives are needed to store food.
  • No thawing is necessarily required.
  • It is easy and convenient.

What are the Cons of Freezing Pretzels?

  • The pretzels are not fresh but frozen.
  • They might become stale because it absorbs moisture from the freezer.
  • You might lose interest in them after freezing.
  • The overall food quality including texture, taste, and smell could be affected.
  • If you do not use proper storing steps, the pretzels can stick in the freezer.


Pretzels last quite a long time even without freezing. Therefore, freezing pretzels is not necessary at all. However, if you still wish to freeze, there is nothing to stop you. Freezing does not cause any harm to pretzels. Even after freezing for 06 months, you can have good quality pretzels.

Nevertheless, make sure you follow the steps mentioned in this article to prevent your pretzels from being subjected to spoilage and stale condition.

If you think this article easier your process of freezing pretzels, do not forget to share. Let us know your comments below.