Can You Freeze Kale Juice?

Kale is one of the most flavorful, nutrient-dense vegetables out there. It’s also really good for you! If you’re like me and enjoy drinking fresh juices, then I’m sure at some point you’ve thought about freezing your juice.

So, can you freeze kale juice? Yes, you can freeze kale juice. You can freeze them in small portions to make smoothies and fresh juices or freeze them in large portions to add to a recipe. Properly stored, kale juice can last for up to 3 months in the freezer.

Does Kale Juice Freeze Well?

Like other juices, kale juice freezes well. If you’ve prepared them correctly and store them in an airtight container, there should be no issues with the juice freezing. Properly stored, frozen kale juice will taste the same as when they are fresh.

How To Freeze Kale Juice

When it comes to freezing kale juice, you have two options to freeze them. You can either freeze them in large portions using containers or freeze them in small portions using ice cube trays.

Freeze Large Portion of Kale Juice

For preparing a large meal or you need a large amount of kale juice at once, this is the method to use.

Step 1: Prepare Containers

Get out the containers that you want to use to freeze the juice. Make sure the container is airtight and designed for freezer usage. A regular container will not be able to withstand the cold temperature and will eventually break or crack.

It’s a good idea to wash all containers to remove any debris that may be in there.

Step 2: Pour Into Containers

Pour the kale juice into each airtight container. Fill them to the top, but leave a small amount of space (1 inch) at the top. This will allow the juice to expand during freezing. If you don’t, as the juice expands, it will break the container and cause a mess in your freezer.

Step 3: Seal Containers

Once the kale juice is in the containers, grab the lid and check them for any damages. If you notice any cuts or the seals seem shrunk, it’s best to replace them. Freezing with a bad seal will allow the air to leak in and cause freezer burn to the juice.

If there are no damages, secure the lid to the container.

Step 4: Label and Freeze

With a marker or pen, write the date of freezing on the bag. This will help you keep track of when kale juice was frozen and when to use it. Then place them into the freezer.

Freezing Kale Juice Ice Cubes

If you’re planning to use a small amount of kale juice at a time, this is the best method to freeze them.

Below are the steps to freezing kale juice ice cubes:

Step 1: Ice Cube Tray

Grab the ice cube tray and clean them thoroughly. If you’re planning to freeze a lot of kale juice, grab several ice trays.

Besides ice cube trays, you can also use a muffin tray. It’s much larger and you freeze more.

Step 2: Place Juice In Large Container

Once you’ve made kale juice, pour the content into a large container. This will make it easier for you to pour them into the ice tray.

Step 3: Pour Into Ice Tray

Pour the juice slowly into each section of the ice tray. Leave a small space at the top of each section to allow the juice to expand during freezing.

Step 4: Flash Freeze

Once the ice cube tray is filled with kale juice, place them into the freezer. Make sure it is sitting evenly in the freezer to avoid spillage. Let them sit in the freezer for about 1-2 hours to freeze.

Step 5: Place In Freezer Bag

Once the kale juice is completely frozen, remove them from the freezer. Immediately, transfer the kale juice cubes to a freezer bag.

After it’s all in the bag, press on the bag gently to remove any excess air before sealing.

Step 6: Label and Freeze

With a marker, write the date of freezing on the bag and place them into the freezer.

How Long Can You Freeze Kale Juice?

You can freeze kale juice for up to 3 months and it will retain its freshness. After that time, the juice will start to deteriorate in quality.

However, the kale juice will still be safe to drink, but you may not enjoy it very much. The flavor will be a bit bland and it will be watery.

To ensure that the juice taste at the best quality, try to consume them within 3 months.

You can also freeze fresh kale, but you’ll need to blanch the vegetable first. Fresh kale tends to last much longer than in juice form. After it’s thawed, you can make kale juice.

How Do You Defrost Kale Juice?

For most of the recipes that you will be using kale juice won’t need to be thawed. For smoothies, all you need to do is remove a couple of kale juice cubes and place them directly into the blender with other ingredients.

If you’ve frozen a large portion of kale juice, you can let them thaw in the fridge. Place the juice onto a plate and let it sit in the fridge overnight.

Can You Refreeze Kale Juice?

I would not recommend that you refreeze kale juice once it’s thawed. Freezing and thawing the juice more than once will cause it to deteriorate. The texture and flavor of the kale juice will change significantly that you will not enjoy drinking it.

To avoid having to refreeze kale juice, freeze them in small portions using the ice cube method. This way, you’ll only need to remove what you need without having to worry about any leftovers and freezing it again.

Other Questions about Kale Juice

Can you freeze kale juice for smoothies?

Yes, you can freeze kale juice for smoothies. The best method is to freeze the juice as ice cubes. When you’re ready to make your smoothies, take a couple of kale juice cubes from the freezer bag and drop them into the blender.