Can You Eat Rattlesnake?

If you’re like most people, the thought of eating rattlesnakes is pretty horrifying. The idea that there might be a few dozen baby rattlesnakes in your stomach is enough to put anyone off their food.

But if you’re an adventurous eater and are looking for something new to try, or if you want to prove your manhood by eating rattlesnakes, then this article is for you.

Can You Eat Rattlesnake?

Yes, you can eat rattlesnake if you cook it properly. The meat from the snake is edible, but you need to cook it thoroughly to kill any bacteria present in the meat. It’s important to cook rattlesnake meat for 20 minutes at 145 degrees Fahrenheit will kill any bacteria present in the meat. You can also bake or roast the meat until it is fully cooked through.

Is Rattlesnake Safe To Eat?

The answer to this question is yes, rattlesnake meat is safe to eat. However, it should only be prepared by those who are trained in handling the snake.

The reason why rattlesnake meat is dangerous is because of its venomous nature. While the venom can be removed by cooking it thoroughly, some people may still be allergic to it. Even if you are not allergic to venom, there’s no way to tell how much venom a snake has.

In addition, you should never eat rattlesnake meat raw or undercooked because of the risk of contracting salmonella or other food-borne illnesses from raw meat. It’s best to cook your rattlesnake thoroughly before eating it.

Is Eating Rattlesnake Good For You?

Rattlesnakes are a delicacy in many cultures, but in the United States, they’re often seen as a threat. While there has been an uptick in rattlesnake attacks, most people don’t know that eating rattlesnake meat is actually very beneficial. Here’s why:

Rattlesnake meat contains protein, calcium, and iron. It also has lots of other nutrients that are good for you, including omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins.

Rattlesnake meat is high in antioxidants and low in cholesterol. It’s also low in fat and high in protein — making it a great choice for people who are trying to lose weight or maintain their current weight.

Rattlesnake meat contains fewer calories than chicken breast or beef chuck roast, so it’s a good choice if you’re watching your calorie intake or trying to lose weight.

What Do Rattlesnake Taste Like?

So how do rattlesnakes taste? The answer depends on which part of the snake you eat and how it’s cooked. Snake meat can be cooked in many different ways: fried, boiled, grilled, and even smoked.

When cooked properly, it tastes similar to chicken or fish — milder than beef but more flavorful than chicken.

What Part Of The Rattlesnake Can You Eat?

Most of the rattlesnakes can be eaten. The snake’s head and skin are inedible, but the meat from the body is considered a delicacy by some.

The following parts of the rattlesnake are edible:

Meat from the body – The meat from the body has a slightly sweet taste and is often compared to chicken or beef. It can be cooked in many ways, including being fried, roasted, or grilled. Some people prefer to cook it in soups or stews.

Tails – Rattlesnake tails are also edible and have been used as food by Native Americans for centuries. The tails are usually fried or roasted over an open flame or grilled on a barbecue grill until they turn brown and crispy. Both types of rattlesnake meat can be prepared using this method because they both have similar textures that fall somewhere between chicken and fish when cooked properly.

How Is Rattlesnake Meat Prepared?

There are two main ways to prepare rattlesnake meat: either by cooking the whole snake or by preparing its individual pieces such as its heart and liver. The latter method involves removing these organs from the body cavity before cooking them separately so that they retain their unique flavors while being cooked.

How To Cook Rattlesnake?

Rattlesnake meat is a delicacy that is often prepared in many different ways. It can be prepared in a number of different ways, but the most common ways to prepare rattlesnake meat are:

Fried Rattlesnake Meat – this is the most common way to cook rattlesnake meat. The snake is cut into chunks and fried with breading. The breading can be anything from flour to corn meal. The fried rattlesnake meat can then be served as an appetizer or as a main course for dinner.

Baked Rattlesnake Meat – Baking rattlesnake meat is another popular way to prepare it. You can bake it by cutting it into bite-sized pieces and then baking them on a baking sheet or baking dish for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius).

Grilled Rattlesnake Meat – Grilling rattlesnake meat is similar to baking it, but instead of baking it in an oven, you grill it over an open flame on your grill outside. This gives it a nice grilled flavor that you won’t get when cooking other types of meat like chicken or steak outside on your barbecue grill.


Yes, the rattlesnake is edible, and these sneaky snakes won’t bite your leg off when you’re near them. You can safely eat them as long as you follow a few precautions, such as being sure that the meat is cooked enough to kill any venomous bacteria. Look for a rattler under six feet in length; longer means it’s older and tougher. Cut out the rattles and fat (the gallbladder), then cook it like chicken or fish. Enjoy!